Burnett/Gympie Ford Rangerettes Official Riverview Ranch Adventure

Burnett/Gympie Ford Rangerettes Official Riverview Ranch Adventure

Last weekend, the Ford Rangerettes Official Burnett/Gympie members embarked on a memorable adventure to Riverview Ranch at Elliott Heads!

We were looking for a combination of fishing, crabbing, off-roading and a good campfire to sit around and relax.This was our first time at the Riverview Ranch property and we had heard nothing but fantastic reviews on social media!

Arriving at lunchtime on Friday, we were greeted by the amazing hosts and owners, Luke and Dianne. Their hospitality is truly incredible!Whilst we focused on unloading our Ford Rangers and setting up camp, the hosts provided us with ironbark firewood and arranged the fire pits at our designated camping zone. 

It was getting cool fast so we all pitched in on the dinner prep and made a huge chicken curry with rice and potato bake.

You just can’t beat a good campout dinner cooked over the coals in a fire drum!

Camp dessert was a simple jelly and custard and we left some room for a few drinks around the fire getting to know our newer members.

The kids weren’t going to leave us alone until we agreed to bait up and set some crab pots before bed.So we all headed down to the river at the back of the property to walk through the mangroves and find some good locations.

The Burnett/Gympie Ford Rangerettes Official ladies are all mad keen on fishing so it didn’t take us long to unpack the tackle boxes and bait the rods at first light on Saturday morning.

We headed back to the river for a quick pot check and found a decent sized buck!

During the day the girls landed some decent cod and the fresh catch was prepped and ready for dinner.All in all we had a very relaxing Saturday getting to know our newer members, and letting our kids freely explore the property.

Hosts Luke and Dianne joined our Rangerettes camp for Saturdays BBQ dinner, and the banter was thick and heavy when we discovered they are mad Holden fans!Sunday marked the end of our stay, but not without a final adventure.

After packing up, we explored the boat ramp area, tidal rock pools, sandy beach and 4x4 bush tracks on Riverview Ranch's property.
Riverview Ranch has something for everyone.

This huge property boasts great walking tracks, a trampoline, tree swing, roaming chickens, kayaks and heaps of room for a game of frisbee, soccer or footy.This is the perfect escape for a quick family getaway and is fast becoming a favourite location for our members.

Our Riverview Ranch trip was a testament to the spirit and community of the Ford Rangerettes Official.

We left feeling totally relaxed and can’t wait until we are back again in August.

Until next time, hooroo!

Story - Leesha 
Images - Kath & Leesha
Links - Riverview Ranch
Attendees - Leesha, Kath, Sara, Peggy, Tarnya, Prue
Rangerettes in Training - Paige, Alannah and Heidi
FRO Bros - Ian, Grant and Phil

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